Friday, October 9, 2009

Love in the Garden

I love my garden.

Oh, certainly i have my judgments and opinions about it at times. "That flower bed shows so little color after the daffodils stop blooming." Yet, despite my opinions, the flowers continue to grow and bloom, as if they haven't heard a word i've said. Indeed, an opinion most strongly affects the one who holds that opinion. Regardless of how i feel about my garden or what i think about it, it continues on its merry way, sprouting and greening, blooming and dying. The garden itself is impartial. It grows weeds just as well as sweet Williams.

It is only we, with our blockade of judgments and a deep, dark well of negative feelings, who may fail to notice that act of love waiting for us in the flowerpot at the front door or the flower bed that runs alongside the foundation of our homes. Love is waiting there for us in the garden.