Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Lightning Bugs

I always assumed fireflies were called lightning bugs because they flash on and off like sparks of lightning. But last night the name "lightning bugs" took on a new meaning as several cells of thunderstorms passed over in quick succession. I say thunderstorms because drenching rain was accompanied by heat lightning, but actually very little thunder.

In between downpours, during an interval of misty sprinkling, lightning lit up the entire sky for half a second. After every switch-on/switch-off of lightning, the lady lightning bugs lounging in the grass blinked on in a chorus of orgasm.

Then darkness fell all around, suddenly lit by a bowl of lightning overhead. Three seconds later, the lady lightning bugs switched on as if the grass was covered with strings of fairy lights.

Lightning bugs responding to lightning.
Earth echoing heaven's song of light

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