Friday, September 25, 2009

Final Garden Tour of the Season

Perennial Swappers toured my fall garden this evening. "You're the bookends of the season,"someone said gaily.

Swappers visit my spring garden the first Thursday in May when every gardener's green fingers are itching. And they visit again on the Thursday after fall equinox. In our little community, the garden touring season begins and ends in my garden.

"Aren't you bored with my gardens?" i ask the organizer. "Wouldn't you like to visit someone else's garden?"

But while most green thumbs are bemoaning a lack of color, i still have plenty. Blue monkshood sits atop pink turtlehead which jumbles with magenta phlox and is framed by tall blue-purple asters. Violet ironweed blooms nearby.

White chenille stalks of sanguisorba point skyward like a birthday cake with way too many candles. Pale pink anemone Robustissima floats above it all.

In the yellow garden, cup plant (Silphium) has nearly ended its reign as the tallest flower in the garden, while a colony of nearby helenium are winning the beauty contest with their crimson coronas. Redbud's heart-shaped leaves are already yellowing.

While most gardeners are throwing in the trowel, i'm readying mine for two more months of serious dividing and transplanting.

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