Saturday, January 30, 2010

Localvore: Eating My Own Storehouse

Last summer i read Animal,Vegetable, Miracle by Barbara Kingsolver. Although i didn't make a conscious decision to become a localvore, as she did for a year, i've been much better this winter at using local produce, beginning with the foodstuffs stored in my basement.

It's never difficult to use the onions and garlic. Any recipe that calls for 1 clove of garlic, i use one head, and i still don't work my way through my garlic supply by July. The onions last until April.

The potatoes require some effort because the weight-watcher who lives in my house complains about starch.

The pumpkins are starting to show their age; so it's time to have my own personal pumpkin festival. Just a few pots of green chili, and i could work my way through my extensive supply of tomatillos (and make a dent in the garlic too!)

Why is it so hard to open the freezer door downstairs?

This winter i have refrained from buying the cornucopia of local vegetables offered at my local food coop. I simply buy one thing at a time--for instance this week, 1 small head of cabbage.

This means that some evenings i have to open the freezer door and pull out a package of home-grown green beans, grated squash, or pesto. I expect i am going to achieve a long-sought-for goal: a nearly empty freezer by June.

All i had to do was apply a tiny bit of Renunciation (not buying fresh veggies) and Determination (to use the frozen organic veggies i grew myself). These 2 Perfections (paramis) are feeding my household perfectly well this winter.

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