Thursday, June 3, 2010

Too Hot to Transplant

Transplanting season has come to an end. As we enter the hottest 90 days of the year (June 9 to September 9), the weather becomes too hot and dry to safely transplant.

Oh, you can still transplant if you really want to. You just have to watch that plant like a baby--water it daily, or maybe twice a day, perhaps shade it from the sun, and prune off one-third of its growth so that the leaves aren't demanding more than the roots can deliver. If you can, only transplant on an overcast or rainy day.

This prescription may fit into your daily routine, but my life is way too busy to reliably babysit all the transplanting i would like to do. So i just make myself stop. I renounce transplanting until September.

It's hard to quit; i love rearranging the palette of the garden into pleasing color combinations.

The time to transplant a meditation practice into your life is now--particularly in the spring or fall of your life. The summer of your life may be totally booked up, so it can require extra determination, but it is possible.

On your deathbed--in the winter of your life--the conditions may be too tough. Earth, water, heat, and air will be all out of balance. Coping with that discomfort may be all consuming.

Plant, water, and feed your meditation practice now, while you can. Now while it has time to establish a good root system, flourish, and produce some fruits (or vegetables!) of the spiritual life.

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