Monday, December 24, 2012

Gazing Globe Reflections

The landlady of our meditation center has a flair for flowerboxes and flowerpots. Now that it's winter, she fills a big empty pot with greenery, some contrasting foliage, a few berries, and a big shiny red gazing globe. I gaze at it from 50 feet away as i walk toward the door.

These decorative pots at the entrance to the meditation center inspired me to try my own. I went to the farm & garden center and chose a blue gazing globe. I had one big empty blue pot which i filled with the bottom branches of the Christmas tree and easy-to-obtain hemlock. Looking around the gardens for color, i chose gray sage, which contrasts nicely with the blue gazing ball.

When our body ages into late fall and winter, what will people "see" in us? Kindness or complaining? Gratitude or grumbling? Now is the time to practice beneficial qualities of generosity, joy, and wise speech. Let's reflect our inner light into the world around us.

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