Thursday, July 23, 2015

Lupine Seeds

Lupine have gone to seed, so i cut down the stem of seed pods and carry them to my lupine nursery bed. I had noticed that lupine love to grow in my wood chip paths, so a few years ago, i dedicated one narrow bed beside the vegetable garden as my lupine seed bed. I covered the bed in old wood chips, and Voila! Next year: lupines, which i can transplant to where i want them.

For decades, i had been inspired by the children's story of Miss Rumphius, since i am a Miss Rumphius-type character myself. I spread lupine seed in many locations with no luck. But the wood-chipped flower bed works great!

Miss Rumphius scatters lupine seeds and the neighbor children are inspired by her and the stories of her world travels.

We never know what seeds we are planting and what might bloom long after we are gone. I have certainly planted enough irritation seeds in my lifetime that i hope most of those "weeds" get weeded out by my meditation practice. Nowadays, i try to plant joy and happiness, gratitude and calm at every opportunity.

What seeds are you planting today?

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