Monday, September 21, 2015

Walking Meditation on the Beach

Bill slipped while hiking in June and had emergency knee surgery. Last week, he gave his leg brace back to the orthopedic surgeon. Her prescription for him was to go walk on a beach. Walk barefoot in the sand.

So, we went to the New Hampshire beach, and then wandered down to the fishing village of Gloucester, Massachusetts. Walking to the beach there, i saw lots of Rosa rugosa, the rose that grows so prolifically in the sand. The red rosehips were ripe, so, as we walked, i picked the biggest, reddest ones and popped them in my mouth.

If rosehip tea is good for you, the actual rosehips must be even better, right?

The texture is a bit mushy, and there are a gazillion seeds, which i think of as intestinal brooms. But they are sweet, and loaded with Vitamin C.

Bill and i did our walking meditation on the beach, wonderfully barefoot in the sand.

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