Thursday, July 27, 2017


This week, i am teaching mindfulness at a Unitarian-Universalist summer camp in Maine for families. It's a fun retreat because my sweetie, Bill, is here with me. (Usually i leave him at home while i go on retreat for 8 or 10 weeks a year.)

Last evening, he sang in the choir at the evening Vespers service, and someone asked me what vespers means. Vespers is cognate with our word "west," so it's the church service that happens around the time of the setting sun. Bill, who went to an Episcopal school and sang in the boys' choir, calls it Evensong.

While being on retreat with my sweetie this week is unique, one of the things that keeps us together is our parallel spiritual paths. We have many of the same values and are continually teaching each other how to be kinder to the world around us.

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