Friday, April 26, 2019

Buying Birdhouses

I went on a birdhouse buying binge four years ago, and hung birdhouses in the woods around my yard. Now those houses look rather dilapidated. However, my sweetie is making slumlord repairs, trying to re-attach the floor to two of the houses and close up the gap in the roof on another.

What self-respecting bird would choose that lovely birch bark house that is full of cracks? I saw a bluebird pair inspecting it in March. ("It's the wrong location!" i wanted to shout through the window.) Today a chickadee couple is considering it.


  • All birdhouses are impermanent. 
  • All nests are impermanent. 
  • All fledglings are impermanent. 
  • All birds are impermanent.
  • All birdsongs are impermanent.

But in the moment, each one is beautiful.

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