Thursday, February 11, 2021

Hot Beach in Snow Country

Now that it's February, my passive solar house has beach weather every sunny day. All that glass on the south side of my house turns my kitchen and living room into an oven. It's 85 degrees indoors. 

Stretch out on a beach towel on the floor and just bake. Oh, does that feel good on a 16-degree day with 10 inches of snow on the ground. 

When i feel too hot, i can jump in a snow bank. Wow! That's how i know i'm alive! Sensation-a-rama. Sensations-Plus.

We think we have a body, and yes, of course, we have to act as if we do have a body. But looking closely, there's just a batch of sensations arising and passing. Hot. Cold. Sharp. Dull. Pleasant. Unpleasant. Vibrating. Pulsing. Tingling.

Those sensations don't belong to "me" (whoever that might be).

Just sensations arising and passing

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