Monday, March 29, 2010

Rooting Cuttings

I'm taking cuttings from every leggy houseplant. Now my solarium looks like a do-it-yourself nursery.

The purple wandering jew roots so easily in a glass of water with thick, tan, succulent roots that i am confident it will survive wherever i put it. In 6 weeks, i'll plant its purple foliage next to the Japanese painted fern.

I've cut the "spiders" off the spider plant. These also root very easily, and i'll use them as an edging for my white garden.

Those leggy geraniums that have bloomed all winter definitely need to be trimmed. By May, the plant in the pot will be bushy again. But the cuttings.... Well, i've tried rolling them in rooting powder; i've tried starting them in a glass of water; i've tried filling the glass with vermiculite and water and pushing the cuttings in ever so gently; and i've tried starting them in soil. About half the cuttings rot before they root. Geraniums do root particularly well where new green growth is already occurring.

Despite my low success rate, i don't give up on geraniums. Sometimes my meditation practice feels like not much is happening either. Some mornings it seems like the meditation just doesn't "root." Other mornings meditation blooms.

No matter what. I don't stop meditating. I want calm to take root in my life.

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