Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Tree Detritus

These early spring days--unseasonably warm--spring me from the house as if the March wind has unfurled a New Year's noisemaker.

What to do while the lawn is still soggy with snowmelt? I wrestle the garden cart out of the garden shed, where it's been stuffed all winter with other gardening paraphernalia. Of course, the cart's 2 bicycle tires on either side are nearly flat from the deflation of freezing cold. Pump them up, so that i can be the beast of burden and haul sticks to the brush pile.

Old Man Winter pruned more than the usual amount this year. Heavy pine boughs lie marooned at the edge of the driveway. Birch branches--both white and black--litter the lawn, the road, and my woodland walk.

In with the new season, out with the old exfoliated detritus of trees.

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