Thursday, October 14, 2010

Peak (Peek) Season for Foliage

This week is the peak of foliage where i live. Up in the high country, trees are already bare, but here in the foothills, hillsides blaze with red-orange-yellow. This wave of color passing, passing, then passed as it continues traveling south.

Next comes the more subtle season of red-brown oak leaves and yellow-tan beech leaves.

After months of green, now the autumn colors pass in quick succession, each day gloriously warm in the sun, cool in the increasing shadows. Red-orange leaves against blue, blue sky--my eyes unable to drink it all in, no matter how long i look.

"Everything i cherish will change and vanish."

At no time during the year is this truth felt so intensely. Change is palpable as yellow leaves fall through the air, their last dance of the season as they circle gently and come to rest on lawn, flower bed, or road. Vast numbers of leaves crunch and swish underfoot. What was up above my head is now down below my feet. Green vanishes into red-orange-yellow which vanishes into brown.

Everything, everything changes, including our dearly beloved selves.

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