Wednesday, October 13, 2010

The Race to Cook My Way to the End of the Garden

I am racing to cook my way to the end of the vegetable garden. Every day i fill my harvest basket. My daily goal is to cook everything that's in it, adding ingredients from failed attempts of preceding days. After all, how do you cook a crisper drawer full of eggplant in one go? I divvy the eggplant into various recipes--Italian, Indian, Thai, Israeli, Lebanese.

In the process of cooking these volumes, i create more leftovers than we can possibly eat. So i freeze a big batch of potato-chard soup, chile verde (made with tomatilloes), corned beef & cabbage.

Next week i leave for 2 weeks of retreat. My sweetie has almost inured himself to this sort of abandonment (as he feels it). Every night while i'm gone, he pulls a contain of love out of the freezer and warms it up to nourish himself.

Intellectually he knows that i return a calmer, wiser person. He just needs a daily reminder of my care and concern for him. And his menu is actually quite extensive.

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