Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Air Quality in the Home

Houseplants improve our indoor air quality. In these winter days, when our windows and doors are closed tight, it's good to know we can get "fresh" air from our houseplants. Philodendron, dracena, spider plant, English ivy, Ficus, and peace lily are particularly good at converting toxins from household cleaners and poly-urethaned floors.

For the average house (under 2,000 square feet), we need at least 15 houseplants. Do we gardeners need any better excuse for our indoor gardening?

How about improving the quality of our inner "air"? Particularly the air time that our mind gives to various dissatisfactions--at home or work--and irritating neighbors.

Plant some loving-kindness in your mind right now. Begin with your self.
May i feel safe.
May i feel happy.
May i feel healthy. (Thank you my dear houseplants :)
May i feel peaceful.

Send loving-kindness to your nearest and dearest (even if they do have 4 legs :)
And yes, send loving-kindness to that difficult person.

There's the distinct possibility that you will feel neither loving nor kind. That's OK.
This is a practice and we are practicing.

Go ahead. Improve your inner air quality right now.

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