Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Dancing Raccoons

At my month-long retreat, my daily chore was to take out the trash, the compost, and the recycling. What a perfect job for this Master Composter!

As i walked out the kitchen door with a 5-gallon bucket of kitchen waste, i would sometimes be met by a dancing raccoon who both wanted what was in the bucket and was too shy to come too close.

Wanting and not wanting. How many times a day is this same civil war re-enacted in our own mind? We want the pleasant (compost in a bucket), and we don't want the unpleasant (People! People!).

This on-going dance of attraction and repulsion is another definition of stress. We, like the raccoons, want to approach the goodies, but we may want to avoid some unpleasantness or other.

We could just dance with life.

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