Thursday, March 29, 2012

Watering Our Meditation Practice

My sweetie watered the houseplants while i was on my 1-month retreat, and he was very happy to hand the watering can back to me the minute i walked in the door. He is a faithful waterer; i am a bit haphazard.

How do we water out meditation practice? Some of us find it relatively easy to follow through on our commitments--we are loyal and faithful in our intention. Some of us need more support. I have the support of 2 neighbors with whom i meditate every morning for 20 minutes. I also made a deal with a fellow retreatant to meditate 2 hours a day, so we are e-mailing little post-a-notes to each other every day on how we are doing. After all, we commit to sit, one sitting at a time.

Today, i have pasted together a 1 hour sit on my own at 5 a.m.; a 40-minute sit at the meditation center at 7 a.m.; and, at 8 a.m., my 20-minute sit with my neighbors. There. I've followed through on my intention for the day; i've watered my meditation practice.

With regular watering, our meditation thrives.

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