Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Grape Tomatoes

I've come to a deeper appreciation of grape (cherry) tomatoes this week. I grow them specifically to sun-dry them. I like their firm meatiness. As i sliced hundreds of cherry tomatoes in half for the food dryer, i eventually noticed that the grape tomatoes are, by and large, stemless while about half the Sungolds still have their attachments (their stems).

What about our attachments? Sometimes we can detach from the mother ship (or mother plant) or any situation in our lives and go on to the next moment.

But sometimes we are still carrying our attachment to what was said in yesterday's meeting or what was done (or undone) last week. We cling to these sorts of attachments and can't shake them off even though we know it would be a whole lot better for our mental health if we could just "let go."

Let go of our guilt or the opinions we keep raking over or the hurt which is creating sorrow or distress for us.

If the grape tomatoes can just let go, can I?

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