Monday, September 23, 2013

Latchkey Gardens

Cheryl in the San Juan Islands of Washington state
I'm home! After leaving my garden to fend for itself for almost 3 weeks, i've returned to pick it and to pick it up.

The vegetable garden is sort of a mess, but it is still producing, so i'm getting back into the routine of harvesting, cooking, and freezing food for the winter.

"How does it feel to be cooking?" my sweetie asks me.
"How does it feel to not be going out for dinner?" i ask him.
"Good. We're eating healthy food, and it's just more relaxing to eat at home."

Traveling has its stresses, every day. Being home, confining ourselves to being home, is actually pretty relaxing. Confining our attention to meditation is also relaxing and calming.

There's a lot of worldly stuff out there to pick from--all sorts of shopping and gizmos, all sorts of media and distractions. Confining ourselves to the home base of mindfulness is just more relaxing, no matter where we are traveling.

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