Saturday, September 20, 2014

Neighborhood Bears

My neighbor Lynn looked out her kitchen window this morning and saw a bear playing with a metal mobile she has in her backyard. The black bear, yearling-size, couldn't quite reach the mobile, and was gazing up at it and trying to bat it. Then Lynn noticed another bear walking out of the woods, the same size. Since Lynn is a forester, she assumes that the two smallish bears are sisters.

I have some fiber-optic LED lights in the garden that are a lot of fun to look at in the dark, as they change color every second. During the daytime, they look like a long-haired white nylon brush. When one of the bears visited us last week, they "played" with the fiber optic garden lights by chewing on them.

This morning Lynn said she could feel how calm the bears were as they ambled through her yard, and she herself became joyfully calm simply watching them.

Joyful calmness is a good way to describe meditation, once we are really focusing on our meditation object, when fear, worry, anxiety, and restlessness drop away for a few minutes.

Maybe we could just meditate on our new neighbors, the bears.

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