Sunday, September 21, 2014

Now or Never

The first day of fall, and kiwis are available at the farm stand. Northern kiwis, I mean--the ones that are a little bigger than green grapes. The farm stand markets them as kiwi berries. I love this fall fruit, which is only available for a week or two in late September. I have to enjoy it now because I won't have another chance until next September.

"We've been eating the same thing for dinner for 6 weeks," I tell my sweetie as he munches his corn on the cob. We eat one ear every night.

"We have to eat it now, because when the season is over, then it's gone," he says. No more corn on the cob until next July. No more summer squash. No more fresh green beans. No more ripe tomatoes.

It's now or never. Whether it's a fresh tomato or a relationship with someone you love. Let's enjoy the Now.  Let's be grateful for the gifts that Now brings us.

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