Saturday, January 17, 2015

Pruning and Love

One of the reasons i fell in love with my sweetie, Bill, was his ability to prune a tree. When i met him, the avocado tree in his office was 4 feet tall with several leafy branches--all due to his pruning. I'd never seen an avocado tree in a pot that wasn't a single stick with leaves that fell off at the bottom. Since then, i've entrusted all the pruning of my houseplants to Bill.

I usually have to leave the room, because my mind is screaming No! No pruning! But i trust my sweetie, so i hand him the scissors or the clippers, and close my eyes.

Sometimes, we have to prune relationships that have gotten out of hand. We have to say No as a form of tough love. The challenge is not to close our hearts to the perhaps toxic relationship. How can we say No with an open heart?

We want to prune our relationship--not spend as much time with our friend as we did formerly or not allow the havoc of their lives to entangle us.

We love them. And it is time to say No.

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