Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Trash & Treasures

I took a bag of stuff i won't be using any more into the hospice thrift shop. Of course, i had to go shopping as long as i was there. I'm always looking for hyacinth forcing vases, and i found 2 candidates--one is a little wine carafe with a narrow neck for $2, and the other a simple little vase, also with a narrow neck, which cost 25 cents.

I'm just now giving away budding hyacinths, so my supply of forcing vases will soon be depleted. Actual forcing vases cost about $4 each, so i may as well buy carafes or vases from the thrift store, where i know the money goes to a good cause.

I take my lovely trash into the thrift store--winter boots and a beautifully framed picture that i've been looking at for 20 years.

And i walk out with treasures for the low cost of $2.25. And since i'm a hospice volunteer, i receive a 10% discount. Now there's a deal.

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