Wednesday, July 1, 2015

7 Night-Blooming Cereus

7 night-blooming cereus flowered last evening. So spectacular i don't even have words for it. I looked. And looked again. Beauty is so pleasant to look at. Then my eye drifts to another beauty.

I compare them. This one is a tiny bit more...., but that one is a tiny bit more in a different way.

My eyes drift away. I talk to my partner. I look back at the stunningly beautiful blossoms. I can't hold it.

Finally, i go to bed. I can no longer see them, except in my memory, which is not nearly so vivid as the real thing. My memory turns into a story about the purity of the beautiful flowers.

You can only take so much beauty before you become satiated. Enough. Beauty loses its oomph.

Until next year.

1 comment:

  1. The night blooming cereus is the flower that I put up on the banner on my website. Love it!