Friday, August 14, 2015

Composting with Bears

Wednesday's bear got into my neighbors' compost. Diana had put out some burned granola on Tuesday, and when she looked the next day, the granola was gone, and everything in the black plastic composter had been mixed up. How's that for "turning" your compost? Have the bear do it for you!

Isn't this just what our minds do? Our minds are burning about someone or other. We try to set that infuriating issue/person aside. We want to throw our problem away like we throw away our trash. But the mind revisits that bear-of-a-problem when we don't have our defenses up. Like not having the lid on the black plastic composter. The bear revisits our mind and jumbles everything up.

If we are truly going to compost our grudge or our garbage, we have to practice a lot of patience. We have to treat ourselves (and the other person) with kindness.

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