Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Gigunda Garlic

Time to harvest garlic. This year's harvest is gigunda. One head of garlic is as big as my palm! And i have a couple of hundred of these. It's time for roasted garlic and.... Send me your garlic recipes.

I love this stiff-neck garlic--it grows really well for me. Much better than the soft-neck garlic you buy in the grocery store.Of course, i haven't bought garlic in a grocery store for 20 years.

It's time to give away garlic. But first, i choose the biggest heads and put them away for planting in October.

It's a form of loving-kindness. First, we are kind to ourselves. Then we can share our inborn feelings of kindness and caring with those around us. The more we give, the more open-hearted we feel. We create a positive feedback loop. Just like we do when we plant the biggest garlic cloves for next year's harvest.

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