Saturday, May 28, 2016

Stop Transplanting

Summer has arrived. Two weeks early, according to me. This means i have to stop transplanting, unless i am willing to water those transplants every day for 3 or 4 days.  You understand, that left to my own desires, i could transplant a couple dozen plants every day, and thus forget to water. It's a better policy to just stop transplanting.

The arrival of summer also means that all my gardening needs to be done by 9 a.m. I already miss May when i can be out in the garden all day long. Sigh.

The season has changed. Daffodils are dead. The early spring of lettuce green, and the mid-spring of tulips are gone. I'm not sure what happened to late spring, but i call these 80- and 90-degree days "summer." Time to stop playing in the dirt and go play in the water instead.

Our personal seasons change, whether or not we are ready. Right now, my hip flexors have seized up so i have trouble bending over. This is what my grandmother called having a hitch in her git-along. Wait! I still have so much gardening to do. I don't want to slow down! But, for once, the body gives the orders, starting with Ouch! And the mind tries to relax.

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