Tuesday, May 31, 2016

New Garden Pants

This morning my friend Kathryn gave me a pair of summer pants that she bought at a rummage sale. "When i saw them," she said, "they screamed 'Cheryl!'" She's right. They're just my colors. And the long legs protect me from ticks while the fabric is light enough for summer. Oooh. I'm so happy.

I did make a few adjustments. I replaced the drawstring waist with elastic, and, for tick protection, elastic around the ankles. Now they look like Aladdin pants, which i like.

The garden has no opinion about what clothes i wear, if any. All opinions are my own. All opinions are inherently stressful. As you look at my photo, notice your own opinion. Just notice it and try to name it. Roll it around in your mind to see if you can feel a tiny bit of tension somewhere in your body.

Meanwhile, my body is clothed with the generosity of Kathryn.

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