Sunday, June 5, 2016

Lovely Foxgloves

Lovely foxgloves are blooming. I keep transplanting them from the strip beds next to the vegetable garden into my flowerbeds. But foxgloves grow where they want to grow, and not where i want them to grow.

I have spent years transplanting foxgloves into my purple flowerbed. They don't "take." They limp along. They don't reseed themselves there. They reseed themselves profusely near the vegetable garden. Hmmmm.

Even though the foxgloves don't necessarily bloom where they are planted, that's no excuse for us. "Bloom where you are planted" might mean making lemonade out of lemons. It might mean "being contented and easily satisfied"* with second-best. Or it might mean moving yourself to a different job, a different family, a different location--a place where conditions are right for your particular talent to bloom.

I myself am practicing being contented and easily satisfied with second-best. The situation is not ideal; it's not what i wanted, but it's what life delivered.

Just because the foxgloves are fussy, i don't need to be fussy too.

*A line from the Metta Sutta.

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