Monday, August 7, 2017

Groundhog is the Grass

Visite rare dans mon jardin, ce matin (24 juin).
Infrequent visitor to my backyard, this morning.

Marmotte commune -- Woodchuck

Order Rodentia -- Family Sciuridae

Bas-Saint-Laurent -- Province de Québec -- Canada

Canon PowerShot A6...We looked out the kitchen window to see a cute roly-poly groundhog grazing on the grass just 10 feet away from the house. Eventually, we walked out on the deck, and the groundhog ran right into my flowerbed. Ahem.

Today, Bill and i went exploring in the flowerbed and found a big groundhog hole right in the middle. Fortunately, i had some used kitty litter, which i immediately dumped into the hole. Would you go home if used kitty litter was scattered all over your front step?

What do we do when varmints take up residence in our minds?

First of all, watch it with mindfulness, interest, and curiosity. Where does this "varmint" live?
Eventually, you can apply the antidote of kindness. This might be called "killing it with kindness." That's really the only way to invite it to live somewhere else.

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