Tuesday, December 5, 2017

Tiny Poinsettia

While i was shopping for gazing globes, i found the tiniest 3-inch tall poinsettia for $2.95. And it's bright pink! Just the color of my office.

I know from experience that this tiny poinsettia, as well as those gigunda poinsettias, is sitting in a one-inch tall peat pot. In other words, we are buying a big pot of dirt with roots in a corset of the peat pot. No wonder poinsettias are a bit tricky to water.

It's easy for us to feel corseted by shoulds and then guilty when we don't do whatever it is that we "should" have done. Therapists say, "Don't should all over yourself." (Say this out loud for best effect.)

Can we just relax into the is-ness of the moment? Done or not done, said or not said. Can we believe, truly believe that we did the best we could in that situation?

I'm cutting that tiny peat pot open to give the poinsettia roots more room.

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