Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Jade Stars

My 25-year-old jade plant is flowering for the very first time. Sprays of small white stars hovering over the succulent leaves surprised me when i returned home in early December from a month-long retreat.

A Master Gardener friend tells me her jade plant flowers every year. After summer vacation, Alice, a teacher and a mother, puts her plants in the garage and then brings them indoors in October.

The comparing mind could start chewing on this. "If Alice can do it, and i can't, therefore something is wrong with me." Is that really logical?

Alice's jade plant blooms. Mine usually doesn't.

A jade plant blooms under the right conditions: withhold water around the time of the first frost (in October), keep it cool, then resume very light watering. If like me, you water your jade plant regularly, then it won't bloom. This year, however, the jade plant went unwatered as i was rushing around preparing for my month-long retreat. When i returned home in early December, the jade plant was blooming.

And after four weeks of withholding myself from contact with the world, so was i.

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