Sunday, December 27, 2009

Rooted in Darkness

In this season of extreme darkness, it takes efforts to notice the imperceptible but steady move toward light. We've already gained 7 minutes of sun at the end of the day, since the earliest sunset on December 7.

This year i began to force hyacinths later than other years. I always wait to buy the bulbs on sale after Thanksgiving, but this year i was on retreat in England for the month of November. By December, my usual sources had sold out of bulbs, so i had to hunt hyacinths on the internet.

When they arrive, i set the bulbs in forcing vases filled to neck with water. Then i leave the 2 dozen vases in the cool dark basement. Week by week i can see white roots growing. Roots require darkness--of earth, or, in this case, water.

The roots of our thoughts and actions grow in the darkness of unconsciousness. Applying mindfulness moment by moment eventually adds up to more light--and lightness--in our lives.

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