Monday, December 28, 2009

A Wild Christmas Tree

In late November, the tree service came and cut the tops off 3 hemlocks that were beginning to block our view. I dragged one of the crowns up to the house, and Bill cut off the bottom four feet. The green-needled branches still stretch for the sunlight, but now the treetop is based in a red-and-green Christmas tree stand.

I actually prefer the spaciousness among the branches of a wild tree because i can see the decorations hanging in thin air, much as mindfulness can help us notice the--sometimes very small--space between the thoughts that consume our attention. What we assumed was a solid background of constant thinking turns out to be flashes separated by space.

I love having a tree from our own woods living indoors with us. Covered with lights, it reminds us of a sun-blessed greener season.

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