Monday, December 27, 2010

A Thousand Miles of Snow

Friends who live in Michigan drove to New England for the holidays. A thousand miles of snow disappeared when they came down the mountain into town. The snow stopped at the town border. People around here have all marveled at the one-month delay in snow. We had a tan and brown Christmas. My car was so dusty, you couldn't read the license plate.

Until now. This morning, a foot of snow has fallen. The White-Christmas season that we dream of has arrived.

This is the beautiful death of the old year as we are no longer haunted by the ghost of growing seasons past. Now we have truly entered the land of snow and ice, a place that requires equanimity.

White stillness lays upon the land. May we relax our busy-ness long enough to notice the exquisite quietness that underlays the workaday mind.

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