Wednesday, June 8, 2011


Last night I used the last of my tomatillos to make salsa verde for a pork roast from the Farmers' Market. Those tomatillos have been sitting in my basement for 9 months--ever since i harvested them last September. Now that's what i call a keeper.
No canning. No freezing. No special treatment. Just stored in a tray in a rack. So easy.

Spiritually, we keep the 5 Precepts.
-- do no harm
-- not taking what is not offered
-- refraining from sexual misconduct
-- speaking truthfully and helpfully
-- keeping our mind clear.

We keep the 5 Precepts as our base for happiness.
Doing no harm leads to less guilt and shame.
Not taking what isn't offered leads to less bother.
Refraining from sexual misconduct leads to less heartbreak.
Speaking truthfully and helpfully leads to less regret.
Keeping our mind clear leads to less poor judgment.

We can retrieve any one of the Precepts any time. They keep us safe and happy. They're keepers!

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