Friday, June 3, 2011

Psychic Gardening

There are days i don't go to the garden at all--except in my mind. I carry the garden with me psychically, thinking about the irises i want to transplant, the squash seeds i want to plant, and about getting a load of manure on Saturday.

Thinking about the garden is pleasant on a day, like yesterday, when i'm spending 4 hours in the car and busy away from home all day until late sunset at 8:30.

This being in one place--the car--and day-dreaming, pleasantly, about another place--my garden--is actually stress in sheep's clothing. Thinking about irises and squash and my plans for the manure are present moment thoughts while the body is seated in the car with its hands on the steering wheel and the eyes in its head gazing at a curvy road through the mountains or a straight black ribbon of interstate highway.

Tethering the mind to the body is challenging. The mind wants to go out and play while the body is chauffeuring it around.

The present moment is changing scenery of fields, forest, and rivers. Bring the attention to the sensations of driving, to the sounds of driving, to the sights of driving.

Oh! There's Rock Ridge Farm. I stop there and buy some cabbage plants for my community garden plot and some annuals for an unplanted flower bed.

A gardening interlude while driving.

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