Thursday, June 23, 2011

The View of Hillside Plantings

I emailed Perennial Swappers and told them to come over and rummage through the piles of plants that used to grow on my east hillside.

Annamarie loaded up her station wagon. She was thrilled to take the spreaders for her south-facing hillside. All i saw was the amount of digging she was going to have to do, and, knowing her hillside tangle, i had my doubts.

These 2 perspectives (hers and mine) are examples of our views, and Right View is the first step on the Noble 8-fold Path.

My view that she had a LOT of work in front of her caused me dismay, and that is obviously a form of suffering. At the same time i was happy that the plants were finding a second home. This generous view causes happiness (and not suffering).

Like Annamarie, i have my own thrilling plans for my now-bare hillside. My doubt about her following through on all that planting is actually me projecting my doubts about myself onto her. (Tricky, isn't it? But how convenient!)

Yesterday i stopped at Annamarie's, and she proudly pointed out her new hillside plantings. It had taken her a couple of hours, but she did it. And it's a great view from her living room window.

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