Friday, August 17, 2012

More Tomatoes

Tomatoes! I've got 'em :)
I have the most abundant crop i've had in years. And i have fewer plants.

Oh! That was hard--to stop buying tomato plants.

The cleaning lady gave me 5 sungolds--THE best cherry tomato i've tasted. 2 died, which left me with the perfect number of 3. Sungolds sprawl, so 3 is quite sufficient.

I also planted 3 grape (cherry) tomatoes. Because of their meatiness, i sun-dry the grape tomatoes so i can have the flavor-burst this winter. (I gave the rest of the 6-pack to a friend.)

As usual, here in the North Country, i planted Jet Star, a small but early tomato, just to hedge my bets.

The cleaning lady gave me 5 Opalkas. (She grows only heirloom seeds.) A.K.A. The Polish Torpedo, these are BIG meaty paste tomatoes.

I bought a handful of other plants, and then i stopped.

Now 6 cherry tomatoes and 18 other tomato plants may sound like a lot to you, but some years i squeeze in 36.

Knowing how much is too much, i restrained my impulse for more.

And yet, now that's it's August, i do have "more" tomatoes than usual :)

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