Friday, April 26, 2013

Content with Hellebore

Hellebore orientalis
While many gardeners love hellebore (orientalis), my favorite hellebore is niger. Hellebore orientalis is also called Lenten Rose, but that must be someone else's Lent because it doesn't bloom here until weeks after Lent.

Hellebore niger is called Christmas Rose and blooms earlier than orientalis. Hellebore niger is hard to find at the nursery, so i have to be content with my single clump.

Contentment is a form of wishlessness, not longing for things to be different.

Hellebore niger
I say i have to be content with my single clump, but underneath, i am longing for more, more, more Hellebore niger. That is not contentment.

Contentment sees Hellebore niger and loves what is, whether or not there is ever any more, more, more.

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