Sunday, April 28, 2013

Eating Out--doors

I've harvested wild leeks (a.k.a ramps) three times this past week. Last evening, i went to a potluck and ate ramp dip, ramp pesto, and ramps sauteed with bacon.

The landscape is beginning to feed not only our eyes, but also our taste buds and stomach.

What feeds that amorphous spiritual hunger that we all have?
  • Spending time outdoors.
  • Spending time in solitude (even if it's only in the bathroom.)
  • Meditation or prayer.
In Nature, we can be our authentic selves. We don't have to pretend anything or satisfy anyone else.

Take a mindful walk today--in your garden, in the woods, or around the block. You never can tell what you might find to eat out there.*

*For instance, dandelions, violets, morels, sheep sorrel, lambs quarters

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