Thursday, April 11, 2013


Transplant now! While April showers will do the work of watering for you :)

I'm planting creeping thyme between the rocks in the new path behind the house. I rip up creeping thyme from the terrace and tug it into smaller bits. Then i dig into the sure-pac around the stones, lay in the thyme, and mostly cover it with soil. Hopefully, some of the plugs will root in during the next 6 weeks, before the hot weather fries those tender roots.

The next window for transplanting creeping thyme will be September.

When are we going to transplant ourselves into meditation? Life is burgeoning all around us, and it is glorious. Today, this season, i have my health; i have enough to get by on; and i feel good. Isn't that enough?

Look deeply into your heart. Your heart-of-hearts already knows the answer. Your heart-of-hearts speaks softly, too quietly to be heard above the din of all the media we are plugged into. Unplug yourself, and plug into your heart-of-hearts.

Sit. Listen. Feel. Look.
That is all.

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