Saturday, June 8, 2013

Keyhole Garden

I just read about keyhole gardens and immediately saw the beauty of its design. Basically, it's a circular garden with a narrow wedge cut out (the keyhole) for easy accessibility to the entire bed.

Although keyhole gardens are especially used in dry climates and constructed of rocks raised to a height of 2 or 3 feet, i'm sticking to the very simple, basic version. That one short path to the middle provides access to the middle of the bed, while walking around the edge provides access to the outer edge.

Sometimes, a short path is all that's needed to access our inner garden. A short path of a few minutes of meditation each day.

I have the Insight Timer app on my iPhone. One feature is that i can see who in the world, literally, is meditating at the same time as i am. What i see is that people in England, Brazil, Australia, or India are mostly sitting for 6 to 12 minutes each. That's all.

Begin there. Sit down for 6 minutes, close your eyes, and breathe. You can access a world of calm right there.

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