Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Passing Things On

My neighbor Connie is helping 93-year-old Esther clean out her barn. Connie called to ask me when the Swap Program at the landfill is open.

"Saturday mornings, from 8:30 to noon," i said. "They take all sorts of ratty old things and mismatched housewares of all sorts. By the way, i'm collecting medium to large-size flowerpots."

"There's plenty of those,"Connie said.

I have 3 layers of passing things on:
  • Re-sale-able stuff to the Hospice thrift store.
  • Questionable clothes to the Drop-In Center for the homeless
  • And the ratty, but still usable, stuff to the Swap program.

I love passing things on--whether it's plants, clothes i haven't worn in years, or items i haven't used in a coon's age.

The house looks and feels so much cleaner without the clutter. And i feel happier to just let things go.

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  1. i just cleaned out a barn too and have been cleaning out two houses for months, taking things to thrift stores at the dumps and having SEVCA come twice to pick up furniture. Not only do I love donating things like that but also most of my adult life I have purchased my clothes and knick nacks and furniture at thrift shops.