Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Chocolate Mint Re-appears!

A friend gave me chocolate mint several years ago. I planted it at the edge of my mint patch, but then i lost it, since chocolate mint only grows about 6 inches tall and the neighboring, more vigorous, apple mint is 4 feet tall.

Now, after last summer's construction project, with 2 trenches dug through my former herb garden, chocolate mint has reappeared! About 12 feet away from its original location.

One thing about mint: It's a survivor.

Our sweet meditation practice can easily get lost in the overwhelm of daily life. Meditation is so small, and life is so big.

Yet, when disturbances strike--the eustress of good things or the distress of troublesome things--meditation survives to sustain and nourish us.

Allow meditation to reappear in your life. Today.

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