Thursday, August 29, 2013

Pine Cone Harvest

The driveway is littered with pine cones, so i'm adding those to my fall harvest.

No, i'm not going to eat them. Pine cones make great kindling for starting a fire in the wood stove. They catch fire quickly, and the pine resin burns hot enough to set the actual kindling of sticks and twigs on fire. Eventually the sticks and twigs set the logs on fire.

Some of us don't "catch on fire" with the Dharma until later in our meditation lives. At first, meditation is sufficient, calming and stress-reducing. We follow the teacher's instructions, and that is enough.

The Buddha left us a deep, rich, and consistent set of teachings in the Dharma. Just open The Meditative Gardener and sample a few. Experiment to see if they "light your fire."

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