Monday, August 25, 2014

Tomato Sandwich

Ripe tomatoes. Tomatoes that actually taste like tomatoes. Juicy red, red tomatoes.

The tomato harvest is coming in, so every day, i have a tomato sandwich for breakfast, and maybe one for lunch as well. One slice of toasted multi-grain bread, Hellman's mayonnaise (which i still love), sliced tomatoes that are salted and peppered. The bread is just a conveyor of the tomato to my mouth. The bread is just an excuse to eat tomatoes. How many tomatoes can i pile on one piece of toast? How much summer can i eat?

What do we want to consume for the harvest of our lives?

A friend who is politically right of center is infuriated by Democratic women politicians. He hates them all. Do we think we can hate free-of-charge? Do we think we can hate some people, and, when it comes time to meet our maker, that He'll understand and let us off scot-free? Do we think we can hate some people and only love the people we want to love? If we hate our enemies, how are we any different than them, really?

If we sow hatred now, we will reap hatred--now or later. Contemplate this now. Before it's too late.

It's a tall order, but it's up to us to love the people who hate, especially our good friends and relatives, with whom we may disagree on some subjects, like religion or politics.

We want to harvest those big juicy tomatoes, not throw them in the face of someone we disagree with.

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