Sunday, August 3, 2014

Tricolor Zucchini

I planted a packet of Tricolor Zucchini in May--the lovely pastel green Clarimore, buttercup yellow Golden Dawn, and striped Green Tiger zucchinis. It's actually fun to go hunting for zucchinis and to find one (or more) of each color. Somehow, each color calls forth a different recipe, and, i don't know why, these colors are much more exciting than plain old dark green.

Our meditation can be more fun if we have a variety of meditation objects. Some days we feel the warmth of loving-kindness or compassion; some days we feel the strong intention of following the breath or doing a body scan; some days we want to relax into hearing meditation. We can "cook" up a different meditation every day, according to our tastes.

Maybe i'll sautee the yellow zucchini in butter with garlic, and mix the striped zucchini with onions and tomatoes.

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