Saturday, August 16, 2014

Naked Ladies Dancing in the Garden

Naked Ladies are blooming! In fact, they are dancing throughout one of my flowerbeds. Lycoris has pink amaryllis-type flowers atop a 3-foot stem. Its strappy spring leaves are nowhere to be seen, having dried up last month. Thus the stem and flowers are "naked" of any foliage.

What's the naked truth of our lives? The unadorned, yet surprisingly beautiful truth of life?

The Buddha offers us 4 unadorned truths:
  1. Life is challenging. We experience stress every day.
  2. The cause of our stress is craving.
  3. Our stress and distress can end.
  4. The way to end our stress is through 8 steps of mindful living.
These naked truths are called The 4 Ennobling Truths because they ennoble those of us who follow their guidance.

At first glance, these Ennobling Truths don't seem very pretty and certainly not beautiful. But they point the way to a beautiful mind. A beautiful mind that is calm and peaceful. A beautiful mind that is wise and skillful when we come face to face with the naked truth of our life.

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  1. i have them pop up every year different places and i enjoy watching them grow. if you dont have then you should get them as they beautiful